Lachlan Conn is an artist and illustrator.

A drawing of your bathroom mirror.
A drawing of two people in hats, kissing.
A drawing of a person watching a movie.
A zen garden.
An animated drawing of a spinning jar.
A photo of a mural for The All Story.
A drawing of a group of people working around a table.
A drawing of a woman walking.
A drawing of a long-necked man using a mobile phone.
An animated drawing of a walking wizard.
A photo of a vinyl LP cover.
A photo of a mural.
A drawing of a large sparkly woman.
An animated drawing of scattered objects.
An interactive light table.
A 6 panel comic.
A banner with drawings of rocks.
A sweaty pile.
A still-life drawing that includes a can of beer, a vase, a teapot, a bottle of cola, and an ashtray.
A portrait of Dr. Victor Chang.
A still-life drawing that includes a goblet, a candle in a bottle, and a knife.
An animated drawing of a hobgoblin.
A photo of the Blood and Thunder anthology book.
A photo of the Judee comic book.
A drawing of a road.
A drawing of birds.
A drawing of a sad man.
A drawing of a man walking through a forest, while another man hides behind a tree.
A sculpture of a sad man.