Lachlan Conn is an artist and illustrator.


All words and pictures on this site are by Lachlan Conn, unless otherwise noted.

Designed and built by me. Written with Indieweb ideals in mind, but not strictly adhered to. It’s a process.

Site generated using Jekyll, Gitlab, and Forestry. Edited and updated with Atom. Layout trickery thanks to Masonry, but I’ll probably switch to using CSS Grid soon. Hosted with Amazon. Images made and/or processed using Illustrator, Photoshop, Blender, Procreate, After Effects, pencils, pens, textas, paper, paint, and modelling clay.

Type set in CMU Typewriter by Donald Knuth.

I don’t collect visitor information or store cookies. Embedded media from third parties (YouTube/Vimeo/Bandcamp/etc) might though.

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Updated 18 October 2019

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